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photo of Katja Ramharter

Katja Ramharter

Professional Title:

Couple and Family Therapist/Systemic Psychotherapist


PgDip in Couple and Family Therapy MA Creative Arts Therapies

Clinic Location:

Private practice, Kingsdown

Client Groups:



Katja has worked with children, families and individuals in the public sector and voluntary sector since 1997. She currently works as a family therapist in an NHS CAMHS team and in private practice. Before training as a family therapist Katja was trained in the creative arts therapies. Katja is a member of the Association for Family Therapy and Systemic Practice and The UK Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP).

Areas of Specialist Experience

Katja has experience in working with people who have to manage transitions, such as a separation or a change of circumstances. She often works with families who experience communication difficulties or a high level of conflict and tension between members. She helps parents manage parenting dilemmas and has experience in helping families when there are worries about a child’s or adolescent’s mental health or their behaviour. She also works with individuals around relationship issues.

Therapeutic Approach

Families often go through difficult times and this can significantly impact on the family or individual members of the family. Often transitions can create conflict and anxiety within the family. Sometimes the difficulties that are faced can be exacerbated by family tensions and communication patterns. Family Therapy/Systemic Psychotherapy helps people in close relationships understand and help each other. It enables family members to see each other’s viewpoint and to appreciate different experiences and needs. It provides a space to share difficult thoughts and feelings safely and also playfully and creatively, so that people can build on their strengths and make useful changes in their lives. Families come in all shapes and sizes, everyone is welcome to attend the sessions. Sometimes only parts of a family decide to come, such as parents on their own or one parent with a child. The aim is to understand patterns and to enable the family to be more of a resource for the young person facing difficulties. Together we can find new, creative ways forward.

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