Bristol Psychology Services specialises in matching clients seeking independent psychological assessment and therapy in Bristol, Bath and the surrounding area with a network of highly qualified therapists working in private practice.

We also match clients across the UK, with affiliated therapists providing E-Therapy via video-call platforms.

What is Bristol Psychology Services?

Bristol Psychology Services enables clients to access private psychological assessment and therapy via a network of Clinical Psychologists and experienced independent therapists who work independently from a range of clinic locations in Bristol, Bath and the surrounding area. Each therapist has a unique area of specialism and expertise, ensuring clients can be matched with a therapist who can provide the most appropriate evidence based psychological therapy for their specific needs and preferences.

Why Therapy?

1 in 4 people will experience difficulties with their mental health (mood and emotions) in any given year. This means that difficulties with emotional well-being are amongst the most common of health conditions in the UK. As emotional health and psychological well-being is being more openly discussed, recognised and prioritised, seeking therapeutic support is increasingly seen as a positive step to a more fulfilled life.

Despite this, seeking therapy can still be a bewildering and daunting process. Bristol Psychology Services seeks to make the process of finding a local, qualified and experienced therapist a straightforward process.

How Can I Refer to the Service?


We operate a straight forward self-referral system so you can refer yourself. You can either go ahead and complete our self-referral form or contact us first to ask any questions. Clients accessing therapy via Bristol Psychology Services tend to live within Bristol, South Gloucestershire, Bath or North Somerset. We refer clients of all ages for psychological therapy and assessment – from pre-school children, school age children and adolescents through to adults of all ages.


We receive referrals from: NHS and independent GPs; NHS and private medical consultants; Rehabilitation Agencies; Solicitors; Psychiatrists; employers and schools. We are happy to discuss with you your individual patient or client’s needs and the range of assessment and therapy services available for them. Once we’ve ascertained if we can help your patient or client, we don’t require any complex referral forms; we operate a self-referral system so all clients self complete our referral form to be matched with a suitable therapist. This is to ensure clients understand and consent to our information processing and because we find it helpful to get the client’s own perspective on their concerns. Clients themselves are also best placed to tell us details about their preferences for therapy such as times they are available to attend appointments etc. This helps us to match them with a therapist who meets their needs. Professionals who refer to our service appreciate the fact that from one single contact they can access a broad range of highly experienced therapists with wealth of specialist training and expertise.