Bristol Psychology Services is a referral service for clients looking to identify a suitable therapist for private therapy in Bristol, Bath, South Gloucestershire and the surrounding area. The service is run by a Clinical Psychologist and enables parents seeking independent assessment and therapy for their child, or adults seeking assesment and therapy for thmselves, to be matched with a suitable clinician working in private practice. The referral service means that clients do not need to call multiple individual therapists; having contacted us and completed a referal form, the referral will be carefully reviewed and directed to a suitable clinical psychologist or CBT therapist who works independently in your local area.

Therapists affiliated with the service are highly qualified and have undertaken lengthy professional training. Some of the affiliated therapists are specialist in providing psychological therapy and assessment for children and adolescents, others specialise in working with adults. Each affiliated therapist has a specific area of clinical expertise, for example working with particular emotional difficulties or using particular therapeutics interventions, ensuring that our clients are matched with an experienced psychologist or therapist appropriate to their individual situation.

The therapists affiliated with the service have a range of professional backgrounds but all are evidence based practitioners registered with professional bodies. Currently we have affiliates who are: clinical psychologists; counselling psychologists; CBT therapists, a Family Therapist and a Play Therapist.

The affiliates work independently from various clinic locations in Bristol, Bath, South Gloucestershire and the surrounding area, with a range of appointment times available. Affiliate Therapists assess and provide therapy for clients of all ages, including young children, school aged children, adolescents, students and adults. Please see our therapists’ profiles for more information.